Selling Your Business

Do any of these scenarios describe your situation?

  • I want to sell my company but also look after the staff
  • I'd like to retire
  • A competitor has made an offer but I know they will change everything
  • I want to fund a new business or project which will take time and money
  • My assets are tied up in my business and I need to diversify
  • I want to buy a home abroad and spend more time with my family
  • My business is hugely reliant on me and causing stress

We are the ideal partner for owners who want to ensure the continued long-term success of their company as an independent entity. We aim to unlock the wealth you have created in your business to date, allowing you to either exit completely or retain a reduced role. We'll embrace the company’s culture and continue to build the business.

Your business might be the biggest asset you own. As such, we recognise that you will treat any potential sale with caution. Every business is unique and every owner's situation is different. So we listen carefully to your wants and needs before proceeding. If we don't feel that we are the right fit then we will tell you.

How we finance and structure deals

Alongside our own funds, we have access to finance from several commercial funders as well as a private network of wealthy investors for select deals.

Most small businesses coming on to the market now are bought in two phases. In the first phase, a payment is made at completion. And in the second, the remaining payment is paid on a deferred basis, usually between 1-3 years.

The reasons for the deferral are:

  • Funders insist on deals being done in stages
  • Small private businesses generally have more risk associated with them
  • The current economic and political environment is relatively volatile
  • It aligns the interests of both parties after completion
  • And finally, it allows us to achieve significantly higher valuations

We look at the historic performance of the business and the prospects for a decent return in the medium to long term. Our focus is on ensuring as much of the cash you have built up in your business is returned to you at completion. Some advisors recommend taking "spare" cash out prior to a sale. This can have major tax implications. Please give us a ring first before making a decision.

Why sell to us

Selling directly to us has some important benefits:

  • No valuation fees - we will give you a fair, honest and open valuation of your business
  • Flexible solutions within time-frames that suit you
  • We will maintain the name, reputation, brand and staff you've worked hard to build
  • Offers can be made within days and completion within weeks
  • Avoid the uncertainty, stress, hassle and time wasted when selling through brokers
  • Legally binding contracts and written assurances built in for your protection
  • No broker or agency fees
  • Confidential sale guaranteed
  • No pressure to do anything - the deal must be right for you
  • All offers will be explained in a clear and transparent way, and our final offers will be valid for 30 days
  • No hidden costs

Selling up doesn't have to mean walking away completely. You do have other options such as selling a stake and staying on. This could involve helping with the transition, winding down over time or focusing on the part of the business you have the most passion for. That way you benefit from the company’s growth as your remaining shareholding becomes even more valuable.

We aren't right for everyone. If you do think we might be a fit, let's start a conversation.