What We Do

Curzon Ventures provides owner-managers a truly unique exit opportunity. The cornerstone of our strategy is to take a hands-on management role in the business we acquire. And unlike private equity firms or trade buyers, we work with owners to craft a custom deal to achieve their transition goals as we continue growing the business. Our aim is to ensure continuity for customers, employees and the community. We take a long-term perspective to management and seek to build on the legacy of the founder.

Curzon Ventures Private Equity Fund Trade Buyer
Objective Provide strong leadership and grow Financial engineering and cost cutting Cost and operational synergy
Investment Horizon Long term Usually 3-5 years max Dependent on business strategy
Commitment 100% commitment to build on the company legacy Part of a portfolio so usually limited operational support Dependent on integration results and strategic fit
Deal Terms Flexible to meet seller need and minimise costs/disruption Main focus is protecting equity investors and lenders Structured to protect buyer so can be slow making decisions
Funding Source Banks and successful entrepreneurs/investors Institutional investors Company resources

We understand that every business is unique and will work with you as a partner. Let's start a conversation to see if we can meet your personal goals.